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As a Hospitality Business Owner – Do You Hire Someone with a Fancy Resume or Someone Who Can Actually Produce and Deliver?

October 9th, 2019  /  Blog, Clip member profile, Industry Insights, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

Being in the hospitality business means you can only hire the very best for the job. Hiring is quite different from other sectors since the hospitality sector by nature is all about experts. Hence, experience reigns when hiring someone in the hospitality business. However, would you rather trust someone who has a fancy resume or someone who can actually deliver on the job?

Making the Choice

As a hospitality business owner, you want to hire people who know what they’re doing and are skilled at their job. While experienced individuals do rule the hiring, it’s not the only thing business owner look at. After all, someone with experience might still not be good at what they do. The hospitality business means very fine margins, and as a business owner you need to keep them in your mind while you judge candidates. Hence, judging candidates is not all down to experience.

This means that resumes don’t matter as much in the hospitality business. After all, the resumes don’t mean that people can do what they claim to do. The high standards of the hospitality business mean weeding out the people who aren’t able to perform up to the level that’s required of them. No matter how many different internships or job experiences they might listed down on their resume, as a hospitality business owner, you have to see if they can perform up to the level required or not.

Hence, the choice of hiring people for a hospitality business comes down to how skilled and passionate they are for the job they are applying to. Hospitality business owners are always looking for people who can produce and deliver rather than the ones who aren’t proficient at something they have been doing for years. You need to make the choice based on the skillset offered by an applicant, and test them to see how they will respond while working in your business.

As a hospitality business owner, the quality of your establishment relies on the decisions you make and the measures you set up.

Hence, to ensure that your business fires on all cylinders on any day, you need to hire people who can deliver on the job. That’s what your hiring should be about rather than looking for the most experienced person or the individual with the fanciest resume. Skills are what you need to look for.


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