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Clipboard- Our Hospo Heroes

May 21st, 2020  /  Uncategorized  /  2

Christian Price- save_hospo

Who is Christian – Group GM at Apple + Pears Entertainment Group. Christian is the Senior Food & Beverage manager with extensive hospitality, food & beverage management experience in luxury multi-venues establishments.

We asked Christian on what is activity has been like during COVID-19 and how he is contributing to the industry he loves.

What is Christian doing in ISO– I am using the downtime to help and raise awareness for temporary visa holders who work in hospitality and have lost their job due to COVID-19.  The initiative I have started is called save_hospo

Why have you taken this initiative? – After COVID-19 hit and as all of my senior team members are on a temporary sponsorship visa , they have been now left with no support and I felt like I need to do something to bring awareness on this issue . The Australian hospitality industry would not be what it is without overseas workers .  With save_hospo I am showcasing the people, the community and sharing their story. They are co-workers, friends and a big part of our community .

What is your expected outcome from this initiative? – The outcome that I’m hoping to achieve, will be the Government including these workers in the job seeker claim , or a business to take over there sponsorship . Let’s just remove anyone on a 457 or 458 visa who currently is unable to work anywhere else but the company who sponsors them. This means they have no way to generate an income and no government support . 

@Instagram – Save_hospo

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  1. chris

    Great initiative Christian. Keep up the fight…

  2. Jade Burtenshaw

    A true leader always putting his people and their priorities 1st. Totally support this initiative. We being me included, may not be Australian but have supported and contributed to this Countries successes in hospitality for many years & its time we respect WE people & look after their personal wellbeing.

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