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August 2nd, 2018  /  Uncategorized  /  Turned off

Continuing on with our Clip Member profiles, this week we spoke with chef Emily Huey. A young, talented and passionate chef showcasing her culinary skills in the bayside area of Melbourne. It is because of people like Emily, that Clipboard is changing the game and becoming the one stop destination for industry people to build a professional network, connect with like minded people and businesses and pursue their career goals. Check out what Emily has to say on the future of the industry as  well some of her favourite things about the hospo world. 

Clip Member Profile
Name: Emily Huey 
Position Held: Chef- Head of Leadership Team
Current Venue: Ripponlea Food & Wine 

Tell us a little about your current career position.

I’ve been working in a cute little New York style restaurant in the heart of Ripponlea, Melbourne for nearly 5 years. Usually, most chefs have a high turn over rate and explore other kitchens to work in but I’ve never found a need. I’ve slowly worked my way up at ripponlea and am currently head of the leadership team.

My role involves working closing with the directors and our team to produce amazing, seasonal Mediterranean food. Making sure the kitchen runs smoothly and everyone’s vision stays aligned. I’m lucky there there is no limit when it comes to our creative freedom, produce and the equipment we work with.

Why did you purse a career in the hospitality industry?

I remember as a child, I use to love having bubble baths every night and instead of using bath toys I would steal all my mums Tupperware and cooking utensils and set up a cooking show every night in the bath. I could sit in there for hours talking about what I was doing and interviewing other chefs. I guess I knew from an early age where I wanted to be. I hope my skill set has grown a lot since then. Besides that, I have a really strong passion for trending, seasonal food and I love sharing that with others.

What drives you to be the best person you can be in your profession?

What motivates me the most in my industry is the way you make people feel when they first see and taste your food. Customers feedback and experience is something that really pushes me to strive and do better. Without that, I don’t think you would ever really know where you stand. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve made someone leave smiling.

What is your favourite dish to create?

I really love modern Australian food. It really is an intersection of influence such as Indigenous, European and Asian. My current two favourite ingredients I tend to play around a lot with at the moment is wattle-seed or miso. I find them both so interesting and easy to incorporate into so many dishes.

What mechanisms do you currently use to find recognition? Do you believe there is a strong need for a hospitality professional networking hub like Clipboard?

The app you would find me the most on scrolling food photos every night would be instagram. As a chef, I find it really important to share and explore whats trending around you.

I feel clipboard will take things to the next level. It’s such a great idea. From a business point of view in hospitality, clipboard is great because it puts all of the information you need on one platform. From working history, a visual of peoples skillset & talents or connecting with like minded chefs.  It showcases everything. It could change the hospitality game.

What does the future of the hospitality industry look like for you?

I think the future of hospitality has already changed and will continue to change. Twenty years ago no one would of touched raw seafood. Now some companies are starting to farm insects for a form of protein. There is no limit when it comes to the future of hospitality. I feel its one of the strongest and forever changing industries.


Thank you Emily for taking the time to speak with us. We look forward to seeing your progress on your career and what exciting prospects come your way.