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Hospitality: an industry of opportunities

February 7th, 2020  /  Blog, Clip member profile, Global Hospitality, Industry Insights, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

There are limitless benefits to working as a hospitality professional. There are abundant employment opportunities in Australia and around the world, skill sets are globally transferable, and it can be an invigorating experience working in a diverse and ever-changing industry. Skills in the food and beverage trade are needed not only by bars and restaurants but by airlines, hotels, resorts and cruise ships. In addition, the industry boasts high job mobility and quick career progression.

Hospitality professionals learn to be adaptable, problem solving team members who can maintain a high level of professionalism and quality customer service under pressure. These qualities are highly valued in any workplace.

The integration of technology into the industry is changing the way businesses meet the needs of their customers and has led to specialised employment opportunities . This environment calls for innovation and creative mind.

How to maximise these benefits by using Clipboard

Make yourself known to potential employers all year round with your Clipboard profile:

  • Declare your passions and chronicle your skill development as you specialise and work towards your career goals.
  • Make your skills visible with images of your creation – cocktails/ coffee / meal and hashtag the skills you used.
  • Showcase your talents to gain international validation.
  • Make your work history in hospitality known and update your profile as you gain experience.
  • Don’t forget to list all your transferable skills like adaptability and problem solving.
  • Connect with potential employers in the global Clipboard community.
  • Find professionals within your field of speciality to support your career development – buddies, mentors, or employers.

In an industry that has proven to be strong even when economies is slow . Hospitality professionals can almost always expect to find work. A career in hospitality can move sideways in the industry, progress up the career ladder or take you overseas. Seeing the world is easier when you can work almost anywhere. Hospitality skills are global and provide access to unique work experiences all over the globe.


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