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Hospitality Professionals: Preparing For Work In A Post-COVID World

May 25th, 2020  /  #hospitality, Blog, Clip member profile, COVID-19, Global Hospitality, Hotel industry, Industry Insights, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

As government restrictions are slowly lifted around the world, millions of people are beginning to venture back out of their homes and into their favorite stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. In order to get the gears of the economy working once more, the vital employees that make up the industries we love are being called out from lockdown to return to work.

If you are in the hospitality industry, it is likely that you are beginning to consider what the process of getting back on the job will look like. From health and safety to getting back into a work-mindset, you likely have questions and concerns about what you need to do to prepare for working once more. Let’s take a look at a few tips to think about as you prepare to get back to work in the hospitality market!

First Things First – Stay Safe!

A majority of hospitality industry roles are customer-facing, meaning that contact with the public (or something that the public has touched) is almost guaranteed at some point during the workday. In order to help keep yourself and others safe, make an effort to follow any and all guidelines that your company has put in place regarding health and safety. Continue to wear a mask if necessary, wear protective gloves, continue good handwashing practices, and attempt to keep a 1.5-meter space between yourself and others as much as possible.

It may be nearly impossible to keep yourself distant depending on your role and the way your workplace is built. However, any steps that you can take to stay in line with government health guidelines will help keep you and others safe as you return to work.

Get Yourself Mentally & Physically Ready

One thing quarantine has done for many of us is to provide plenty of time to veg out and lose ourselves in mind-numbing television binge-watching. While fun at the moment, the hours of lying around have likely left you a bit out of shape mentally and physically. This could spell bad news for your first day back at work – especially if your work requires you to spend a lot of hours on your feet.

In order to prepare yourself to get back on the job, it may be wise to spend some time getting active to ease yourself into your daily routine. Try adding some stretching, a short jog, or a visit to the gym into your schedule. Any way that you get your heart rate up and move your mind a bit will help you prepare for the first day back.

 Reconnect & Re-energize

Remember those awesome coworkers you used to see every day?

They have been going through quarantine just like you, and will likely be feeling the same way as you about coming back to the job. Consider starting the first week with a bang by making sure your team is unified and rallied together. Reach out and spend some time catching up with each of your co-workers or direct reports, encouraging them, and making sure they are ready for what the first days back in your workplace may be like. If possible, consider getting the team together for some team-building opportunities to build morale before what will likely be an onslaught of service from people looking for fun and hospitality.

Dust Up On Your Skills

All these hours away from our daily jobs means that many of our skills and routines have likely become rusty.

Set aside some scheduled time to dust up on any skills necessary for your job, and see if there is anything you need to catch up on before getting back on the job.

A great way to reconnect with others in the industry and get a headstart on work in the new post-COVID hospitality economy is with online networks such as www.clipboardau.com.

At Clipboard, you can showcase your talents, meet other hospitality professionals in your field, and keep practicing the important aspects of your work as you transition back to the new normal of life. Have you reclaimed the time during quarantine by developing new skills or talents? Showcase them on your profile, and help other hospitality professionals just like you learn how they can get better as well!

The silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic is that everyone is in this together. As one, we went into lockdown.

Together we will come out. How well our industries recover and thrive depends on our ability to stay positive, look on the bright side, and put our best foot forward in our return to the industry.


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