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Hospitality resumes -Go digital – develop your professional brand at Clipboard

February 27th, 2020  /  Blog, Clip member profile, Global Hospitality, Industry Insights, Mental Health, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

Paper resumes are getting replaced by professional online profiles and hospitality is the perfect industry to take advantage of this.

Images of your cocktails, coffees and meal presentation can make a memorable impression on employers and communicate your professional brand.

An online presence makes you visible: your current skills, your work history, and your passions and career goals.

Clipboard enables hospitality professionals to showcase their unique professional brands and network within Australia and internationally. Unlike paper resumes a Clipboard profile is always visible to employers and up-to-date. It can show employers that you know your passions, and have direction and determination.

Your Clipboard profile includes the role you are currently performing in the world of hospitality (and associated skills) and you can add your career intentions.

To build your professional brand consider how you want to represent your passions and goals through colour and tone of voice.

Consistency in visual presentation and writing style will clearly communicate who you are in the industry and where you are headed.

Micro-blogging is another feature of Clipboard that will make you stand out. You can showcase your professional development by uploading photos and videos of your creations, and hashtag the skills you used to create them. Sharing your work online as you develop your hospitality skill set gives you access to professional validation and with Clipboard, a network of support.

A professional online profile can say so much more about you than a piece of paper. Photos and images tell the story of your development, celebrate your achievements, and show your unique professional brand to employers. As leader in this digital shift Clipboard connects the people behind the profiles, facilitating professional and social networking and pathways to opportunities.


Clip! Connect! Create! Care!