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How to get Customers to return to your venue when reopening!!

July 23rd, 2020  /  #hospitality, Blog, Clip member profile, COVID-19, Global Hospitality, Hotel industry, Mental Health, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

As businesses reopen around the country while concerns about COVID-19 persist, there are many things they should do to prepare for returning customers.

Business owners have a long list of things to do to make sure they can open safely while also convincing customers to come back. In the age of corona virus, business owners should be constantly thinking about new ideas to win customers both new and old in this environment.

Here are five ways to get customers to come back to businesses that are reopening around the country.

A) Contingencies plan

One of the most important things businesses should be doing as they reopen is creating plans and contingencies for whatever situation might arise. If you don’t have plans in place, it may be hard to interact with customers consistently and confidently.

Your business should be able to answer important questions, such as:

  • How can you serve customers safely and maintain social distancing?
  • How will you comply with all new protocols ?
  • Do you have a plan for closing and cleaning if a customer or employee tests positive for COVID-19?

Once you can answer questions like these, then you will likely be ready to talk with customers and answer any question they could possibly ask. Having set plans and policies will give cautious customers more confidence to return

B)Communicate reopening across multiple channels

While it may seem obvious, another incredibly important part of bringing customers back in is actually letting them know you are back in business. Once you have reopening plans in place, you should know what your operating hours and policies are, and that information should be put out in the world. There are several channels from which you can tell customers that you are open and what your policies are, including email, social media, online platforms and your website. Be sure to also change your official business listings on services such as Google Maps,.

While online tools will of course be vital for communication, don’t forget about your in-person presence as well. Signage on your door or your building should convey that you are open, what your current hours are, and important policies for customers. You can also display signage around your shop to remind customers of your expectations. And don’t forget to have someone available who can answer the phone when people call to ask questions.

C)Be Flexible

While you might have thought all of your reopening plans are set, it’s possible that as your customers come back in you may want to make changes. Flexibility will be key to designing your new customer experience and rebuilding your relationship with customers. For example, if you set up an outdoor curb side pickup option but no customers are interested in using it, then perhaps scrap that and try something else in its place.

Keep in mind that your customer’s expectations, needs and priorities may have changed since they last visited and there may be ways to better meet your customers where they are mentally and emotionally. If customers come in and ask for a hand sanitizer station, see if it’s possible to deliver it.

D) Make use of the New technologies

Part of getting customers back will also include using new technologies to interact with them. For example, to limit the number of people in workspace, some businesses using new online tools so customers can make appointments. Other businesses have adopted video chat sessions so they can accommodate people that aren’t comfortable with in-person interactions yet.

A lot of businesses created digital menus and enable home delivery

E) Set the right tone

No matter how you are communicating with customers, setting a kind and understanding tone is vital during this time. While it’s impossible to predict your customers’ attitudes generally . Being polite and helpful with your customers can help rebuild loyalty.


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