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How To Keep The Hospitality Business Moving during Stage 4 extension?

September 15th, 2020  /  #hospitality, Blog, Clip member profile, COVID-19, Global Hospitality, Mental Health  /  Turned off

Across Melbourne, industries are reeling with the news that COVID-19 lockdowns has been reimplemented. Due to increases in coronavirus cases across the region, hospitality businesses in Melbourne will be restricted to takeaway and delivery operations until at least 26 October.

As hospitality industry professionals, the continuation of difficult conditions is a stark reminder that we must all focus on the stability and functionality of our industry – together.

In this article, we will revisit the restriction levels on businesses across Melbourne, as well as look at some tips that can help hospitality professionals move forward with confidence amid the unknown.

Restriction Levels At A Glance

To know how to move forward, it is essential for hospitality business owners and operators to remind themselves of Metropolitan Melbourne COVID-19 restriction levels:

  • Step 1: Heavily Restricted:  Takeaway only through 27th Sep 2020
  • Second 2: Heavily Restricted: Takeaway only through 25th Oct 2020
  • Step 3: Restricted:  Predominantly outdoor dining with a patron cap. Density quotient applies. Flagged from 26th October 2020.
  • Final Step: Restricted. Patron cap per space indoors. Density quotient applies outdoors, no patron cap. Flagged from 23rd November.
  • COVID Normal: Businesses may open with a COVID Safe Plan. No density quotient implemented.

With these restrictions in place, and more possible to come as the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, hospitality business owners must continue to ask themselves: How can I keep my business functioning as COVID-19 drags on?

How To Keep The Hospitality Business Moving?

As the pandemic’s unrelenting hold continues on the nation and globe, the glimmers of hope from short-term openings have begun to dim once more. Across the industry, hospitality professionals are once again returning to their playbook to find creative ways to stay in business and thrive amid the unknown.

Seek The Aid Of Grants

Fortunately, there are a variety of public and private grants available to help give your business the financial life-line it needs to survive continued closure impacts:

Government Grants

Across Melbourne and Victoria, the Business Support Fund – Expansion is continuing to provide eligible hospitality businesses grant funding. If you have already applied for this grant program, you don’t have to worry about reapplying – your data is already stored in the grant system. To see if you qualify for another set of grant money, you can apply online for an additional financial stimulus.

Melbourne CBD Small Hospitality Grants

If you have received aid through the Business Support Fund – Expansion, your business may also be eligible for the CBD Small Business Hospitality Grant. This grant provides another one-time grant of $5,000 for hospitality businesses offering 11 to 100 seats, and $15,000 for those with a capacity of 101 or more seats.

Access Mental Health Support For You And Your Team

A recent $26 million program has been announced to help address the emerging and ongoing mental health needs for business owners across Victoria. As the pandemic has unfolded, those who may not have contracted COVID-19 are still facing unprecedented stress, anxiety, and depression.

As the business owner, the stress and burden you carry has only continued to grow. You are faced with keeping your business afloat, paying your bills, and ensuring that your employees remain employed and paid. Make sure to devote time to yourself by stopping to evaluate your own mental health needs.

To help you and your team move forward in a healthy and positive way, research the available resources for addressing mental health needs. The investment into your hospitality team’s mental health and wellness will pay dividends beyond lockdown.

Keep Up Your Takeaway and Delivery Service

As lockdowns reinstate and continue, it is more important than ever to continue offering mobile ordering options. Help your customers continue to engage with your business with creative and digital means.

If you haven’t set up an online menu and ordering system, now is the time. Utilize online applications such as Mr Yum or Order Up to bring your business to your customers in lockdown. Many of these companies have even created lists of hospitality and restaurant businesses that are located within the 5 KM COVID Government radius.

By continuing to provide increased takeaway and delivery options, you will help your skilled employees to continue working, receiving consistent pay, and help show your loyalty to their employment. Don’t lose your valuable team once the lockdowns lift!

Reassess Your Business Operations & Automate

Lockdowns are providing fantastic opportunities to reassess and adapt your business operations. By investing the time to look over your operations and functionality, you  can find areas of improvements that can boost your efficiency and more profitability. Consider the following:

Supply Chains: Review your current suppliers, and take the opportunity to find a better vendor option.

Operational Procedures: Take stock of how you currently receive supply, prepare and deliver food, and research ways to improve and bring efficiency across your business – reducing food waste and saving you money.

Marketing & Accessibility: Now is the time to evaluate how your marketing budget is used to reach your current and potential customers. Consider new and engaging ways to connect your brand with your clients and sell your food/drink through online and takeaway options.

One of the silver-lined gifts of COVID-19 has been the increase in operational automation. What areas of your business are taking up valuable time that could be better accomplished with automatic systems? Consider implementing technological solutions, such as automating employee payroll systems and inventory ordering.

We Need Each Other Now More Than Ever

Expectations and predictions on how the COVID-19 pandemic will unfold continue to surprise even medical experts. We are truly journeying through a time that is unprecedented in the modern economic era, and businesses are working hard to adapt their operations to survive lockdowns and restrictions. However, we can take hope in the fact that we are not going through this moment alone. Across the globe, hospitality professionals are coming together to encourage and equip one another to continue pushing forward. Together, we are reimagining what hospitality will look like in the post-pandemic world. If you are looking for community, hope, and resources to help you adapt your hospitality business and lead your teams, join the Clipboard community today. At Clipboard, we have over 13,000 members who are working together to build a strong community of hospitality professionals. From tips and tricks to encouraging posts, you will find a variety of resources at Clipboard to help you build a better business. Learn more and get involved online.


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