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How to Prepare Your Hospitality Business to Restart After COVID-19

April 29th, 2020  /  #hospitality, Blog, Clip member profile, COVID-19, Global Hospitality, Industry Insights, Mental Health, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

As COVID-19 continues it’s devastating tear across the world, businesses and organizations have been forced to shut their doors and send employees home in an effort to halt the spread of infection. No matter what industry you are in, the effects of this shutdown on businesses have been felt deeply. Many businesses are on their last life-line, and others have had to make the difficult choice to close down permanently as the lockdowns and restrictions drag on.

The hospitality industry has taken a particularly hard beating as a majority of these businesses rely on human travel and interaction. If you work or run a hospitality business, you may be up at night as a myriad of “what if?” questions assault your heart and mind.

 A Light At The End Of The Long, Dark COVID Tunnel

However, what if we see a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel? As the first wave of the pandemic passes overhead, many businesses and governments are beginning to assess what the reopening process will look like. What if you and your businesses could use this time of shutdown to audit or assess your strategy and take effective measures to be even more profitable when the lockdown is over?

We all know this will be over one day and we will eventually resume our livelihood in the new normal. Those who take the time to prepare now will see their businesses strike first and recapture the millions of individuals who are ready to leave their shelters and see the world once more.

A Strategy For Reopening In The Hospitality Industry

As we stated above, the time will come for doors to open once more. Is your business ready to jump back into action and beat the competition to hungry consumers? Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your company is post- COVID ready

1.Get The Team Back Together

It is likely that due to the shutdown you were forced to lay off or furlough your employees and team members.

Now is the time to reach out and begin to encourage your team to be prepare for the re-open of the business.

If any of them have been taking advantage of unemployment benefits, have a candid conversation about returning to their job, and any benefits or expectations they may now have for financial stability, health precautions, etc. If you take the time to build morale now, you’ll have a superstar team ready on day one!

2. Take A Look At Your Current Supplies

Now is a great time to get into your business and take a look at your current stock of supplies. Make a list and reach out to your supplier to get the ball rolling on restocking the necessary items. This is also a great chance to reevaluate any current contracts and negotiate new rates.

3. Assess Current Cash Flow

Your budget has likely taken a blow deeper than you have ever experienced. Now is the time to get a grasp of your financial situation and begin to strategize for the days ahead.

Make sure to tighten your belt, get current with any bills that are due (rent, supplies, wages), and take the opportunity to renegotiate if possible.

Start the first day back with a clear mind and know where you stand financially.

4. Seek Government Grants

The list of available government grants for a variety of sectors is growing as the pandemic continues.

Do your research while in lockdown and see what grants or aid programs you may be eligible to take advantage of, and factor those into your cash flow and operating costs.

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5. Offer Services To Keep The Money Flowing In

Even before the doors reopen, there are numerous ways that you can keep business flowing. Many companies have expanded their business services to include options such as takeout, drive through pickup, and delivery to keep their customers engaged and happy while at home. These options also provide the chance for you to keep employees on the payroll as they continue to serve customers.

6. Keep Promoting The Business

The lockdown is the time to take advantage of the greatest advertising out there: social media. By using digital promotional tools to your advantage, you can continue to entertain and engage your customers, as well as keep them loyal to your brand. Consider:

  1. Ramp up your social media on a variety of channels with fun competitions, personal videos, and other quality content.
  2. Offer additional or add-on services that will reach new customers online.
  3. Utilize online menus and digital ordering apps to help those on the internet continue to engage and buy from you. You can use this method to build a routine of meeting the younger demographic where they already do most of their buying

7. Stay Informed, Inspired, and Connected with the Clipboard Community

At Clipboard, we know the toll that the corona virus pandemic has taken on our hospitality community.

That is why we are still here, serving you with great connections and content to ensure that you aren’t alone during this difficult time. If you haven’t created an account with Clipboard, sign up today!

You can browse great content written for the hospitality sector, connect with fellow professionals, and make connections that will help you grow in your career. Reach out today!

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