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How To Stay Motivated & Thrive During Hospitality Lockdown 2.0

July 28th, 2020  /  #hospitality, Blog, Clip member profile, COVID-19, Global Hospitality, Hotel industry, Industry Insights, Mental Health, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

As the COVID19 raged across the world, Australia quickly emerged as a leader on how to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. Part of that success came from government-led industry lockdowns, forcing companies to shut their doors and send paying customers home. No industry felt the shock of lockdown and the subsequent economic destruction more than Victoria’s hospitality workforce.

Yet, despite facing the unknown, the hospitality workforce stood firm against the economic tidal wave and weathered the storm, hopeful that a quick reopening would lead to a return to normal. Unfortunately, a resurgence of COVID-19 cases across the country has led to yet another wave of lockdowns.

As hospitality professionals face the reality of another extended shut down, there are new fears of economic, social, and mental suffering. A second lockdown will surely lead to more businesses closing for good, and this sense of dread can paralyse even the most skilled hospitality worker. However, if you can stop, breathe, and prepare to embrace the unknown now, you can discover hidden strength and motivation to come out on the other side of a lockdown stronger. Here are some tips for maintaining your motivation through the upcoming shutdown:

How To Maintain Motivation During Lockdown 2.0

Here’s the hidden silver lining with the potential lockdowns coming across Victoria: we’ve been here before. Rather than facing an unprecedented global moment that seismically alters daily life,  a second round of shutdowns offers another opportunity to hone your skills and develop yourself for success on the other end. Here are some tips to help you maintain your mental health during a shutdown:

1. Take Note Of Your Personal Well Being

Being able to find success with your mental health begins with taking stock of how you are currently feeling. Are you noticing increased lethargy, a lack of interest in things that you usually love doing, or finding yourself withdrawing from friends and family?

If you notice unhealthy habits forming and lack a sense of purpose, it may be time to find someone or something to help you rediscover passion and motivation. Keep a list of your thoughts and activities during a single day, and make note of any recurring negative actions that are keeping you from being productive or effective.

2. We Are All In This Together

If there is solace to be found in the time of COVID-19, it is this: we are all in this together. Like few other times in history, all of humanity is facing a unique struggle together. By reminding yourself that you are one part of the whole that is facing difficult moments, you can put to death the feeling that you are alone and the only one facing difficulty. This can give you the motivation to get up and get moving – if not for yourself, then for the rest of mankind!

3. Find & Reach Out To A Support System

Not only are you not alone in your struggle during this time, but there are systems and resources in place to help you regain a sense of purpose and passion for your life and work. One of the most important elements of a successful lockdown is access to a support system. Whether you lean into your family, your friends, or a licensed mental health professional, building a support system of caring individuals will help you feel connected and heard during a difficult time.

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4. Stay Active & Positive

Much science has been put forward to show that a routine of physical and mental exercise can help rewire your brain and increase your positivity. Not only does a good sweat help you feel accomplished, but the release of endorphins is proven to raise your mood and increase your sense of motivation. Consider starting off each day with a short walk or time of stretching to get your blood flowing – and watch the motivation flood in!

While you are at it, consider adding a practice of gratitude and positivity your daily routine. Studies continue to show that individuals who physically or verbally express gratitude and practice positive thinking experience an overall better quality of life. So what are you thankful for today? Express that positivity while you get your sweat one!

5. Create A Strategy & Grow Professionally

During the first round of lockdowns, many hospitality professionals simply tried to survive the long and lonely days of isolation. Few accomplished their lofty goals of personal and professional development, trading online classes for streaming binges.

This time around, head into your shutdown with a plan. What are some specific goals you can set to help you gain new skills in your profession? For example, if you are a bartender, can you utilize some of this new free time to learn some new cocktail recipes? Take the time to research new skills and learn how to increase your hospitality abilities with helpful resources.

Building a strategy that will help you schedule and implement your goals will help you tackle a shutdown with a sense of purpose and motivation. Once you set pen to paper and build a Lockdown 2.0 Strategy, get to work reaching new heights so that you can emerge on the other end with new and impressive skills!

Take On Lockdown 2.0 With Clipboard

Instead of the shock and awe of a sudden shutdown, the lockdown sequel provides hospitality workers the opportunity to increase their motivation, build their skills, and prepare to emerge from new shutdowns even stronger.

At Clipboard, our team is hard at work providing helpful resources for hospitality workers in lockdown. Our ever-growing network of professionals are building a community that is working together to help the industry stay strong despite the difficulties at hand. Head over to Clipboard.au today to learn more, and find more help for staying motivated and effective in the midst of the next lockdown!