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Make Your Hospitality Business a Fun Place to Work for Employees

October 1st, 2019  /  Blog, Clip member profile, Industry Insights, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

If there’s one key area to work on in the hospitality business, it’s employee satisfaction. According to studies, the happiness of employees is one of the most important aspects of any hospitality business’ success.

Happy employees are 33% more creative and also lead to a 12% increase in profitability. Moreover, they are 31% more productive and influence a positive working environment. The success brought about by happy employees can be seen by the fact that they ensure hospitality establishments experience 24% less turnover.

To make employees satisfied and happy, the changes to the organization must come from the top. Here are some steps that you can take to make your hospitality business a fun place to work in:

Create a Fun Work Environment

Rather than being rigid about work and procedure, encourage a more fun engaging environment. Have your employees be creative on the job and come up with new ideas rather than limiting themselves to rules or protocol.

The more freedom you offer, it leads to more fun the working environment and a fun environment leads to happier employees.

Offer Your Support to the Employees

Make sure that the employees know you have their back at all times. Offer them your backing and support and make them feel that they are not alone. Not only will they like working for you in such an environment, but they will also perform better than normal.

Give Rewards and Recognition

Make sure that good performance is duly recognized and rewarded. You need to make your employees feel that you care about their performance and are keeping up to date with what they do. The best way to do that is to recognize hard work and reward any positive performance. Whether it’s via employee awards, an announcement in the office, or just a pat on the back, have your employees feel good about what they do. In an environment such as the hospitality sector, where people regularly face mental issues, recognition and motivation go a long way.

Enable Your Employees

Dedicated employees do not like to be held back.

It is recommended that you help enabling your employees to perform at the best of their capabilities. Do not limit them. Instead, have them go out and do whatever they can. You need to push your employees and make sure that they have the right environment to go past their existing limits.

Encourage to be Accountable

As an employer encourage everyone to be accountable to create an environment that feels fair and egalitarian. Equity is important in the hospitality sector and you need to ensure that your employees recognize the system as an equitable one.


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