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The Bearded Jaffle – Hospo Heroes

August 4th, 2020  /  #hospitality, Blog, Clip member profile, Global Hospitality, Hotel industry, Industry Insights, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

The Bearded Jaffle bar located in Ascot Vale has been strongly affected by the uncertain times of Covid. Today we hear from the owner, Todd Linton, about his business and the experiences they’ve endured. When the Covid crisis began, Todd and his team had to change their model and pivot their entire operation. The Bearded Jaffle did this through implementing their own delivery platforms to ensure that their staff stayed employed, added a new outdoor dining experience that met all the new distancing guidelines and changed from a food truck business to a takeaway/delivery service operating out of their prep kitchen.

Todd and his team saw great success and proved that their quick thinking and adaptation meant that they recently had their biggest week to date. Great Job Guys!!!

1) How has their business been affected by Covid-19?

Originally operating as a food truck, The Bearded Jaffle originally started as a food truck and had just acquired a small kitchen prep space when the virus hit. Although the kitchen was purely meant for storage and food prep and big next step commitment, it turned out to be fantastic timing for the business. As the virus took hold, their entire event calendar for the next 12 months had been cancelled and their regular trading sites were closed down. Any ability to generate income from their business had disappeared in a matter of a week. It seemed that everything was looking incredibly dire.

2) What initiatives have you put in place to keep your business trading?

The Bearded Jaffle made the hard decision to part ways with their food truck as they couldn’t see any way for it to trade for at least 12 months. It didn’t make sense to maintain the truck for it not to operate. They turned their prep kitchen into a takeaway / delivery setup. Within a few weeks they had managed to renovate the space and changed their entire business model into a format that was fit for the delivery service and opened 7 days a week.

Continuing their streak of innovative decisions, they managed to partner with Mr Yum to be able to offer delivery using The Bearded Jaffle staff which provided great success, whilst also utilising the likes of Menulog and UberEATS. As time went on and the first lockdown began to ease they had turned their carpark into a garden dining area, built an outdoor coffee bar and ensured that everything was set up to meet the social distancing requirements that were now required of them.

3) What is the future of your business post Covid 19?

During Covid The team at The Bearded Jaffle had managed to build a thriving online presence that led to a very steady local walk in trade that was not present pre Covid. Through the success of the online delivery during Covid increased customer awareness, bringing online customers to visit onsite once restrictions were eased. They are now confident enough to survive through the Covid period and come out the other end.

Although not the business they once were, through adaptation and being able to remain dynamic during this uncertain period, The Bearded Jaffle is now steady and has found surprising growth and new markets. They are prospering in their new environment and are very grateful considering the state of turmoil for so many others within the industry.

The owner Todd gives the ultimate credit to his amazing staff, saying that “we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our staff”. He commends their efforts and strength to meet every single obstacle thrown at them whilst remaining accommodating and supportive through the whole process.

“I can’t stress enough my gratitude to my staff for what we have achieved”

Here at Clipboard we commend and praise the efforts of Todd and his team. Change has been positive for The Bearded Jaffle and we hope that soon we can come by for a coffee and taste your delicious food. You guys are an inspiration to the industry and we wish you all the best for the future.


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