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July 11th, 2018  /  Blog, Clip member profile  /  Turned off

We are pleased to announce that Clipboard Hospitality has just clicked over 500 members!!! Our vision for changing the game is making great progress and we want to thank all of our current “Clip members” for joining us on this journey. This week in our clip member profile showcase we would like to introduce Lachie Dalziel. 

Clip Member Profile
Name: Lachie Dalziel 
Position Held: Bartender. Mixologist 
Current Venue: One Six One, Melbourne Australia 

1) Why did you decide to pursue a career in the hospitality industry?

My first job at the age of 16 was in hospitality so by the time I had finished  high school it seemed like a natural progression. I had always been interested in the creative aspect cooking which led me to start my chef apprenticeship. After several years cooking and several more years working in various management roles I realised my passion was in the bar. The same creative thirst that initially attracted me to cooking I now have for alcohol and constructing cocktails.

2) What drives you to be the best you can be in your profession?

I love seeing people happy, so customer satisfaction is really important to me. Alongside this, is the desire to continually learn new things and expand my knowledge.

3) What is your favourite cocktail to create?

My favourite is forever changing but currently I’m enjoying making The Black Knight which is a sour berry cocktail using Gin as it’s base. I’ve always been a big fan of sours and this one I enjoy drinking just as much as I enjoy making!

4) What mechanisms do you currently use to gain recognition? Do you believe there is a strong need for a Hospitality professional networking hub like Clipboard?

Gaining recognition can be hard and often it comes down to who you know. I am a strong believer in networking and surrounding myself with creative, driven and like minded people and a hub like Clipboard is the ideal way to connect with the right people.

5) What does the future of the hospitality industry look like for you?

The industry is growing and changing all the time and to keep up we need to continually grow our collective knowledge through more effective training of staff and more intuitive ways of utilising technology.

We would like to thank Lachie for his time and insights of the industry. Showcase your identity and start building your professional network today.