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Why Hospitality and Tourism is one of the Fastest Growing Industries

January 8th, 2020  /  Blog, Clip member profile, Industry Insights, Uncategorized  /  Turned off

While some job markets and industries have seen a plateau or decline in their growth over the last decade, the past several years have seen an explosion in the tourism and hospitality sector. According to market research completed by the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel and tourism industry added nearly 7 million new jobs worldwide in 2017 alone.

With new opportunities in this industry being created daily, there has never been a better time to join in on the wave of opportunity!

In fact, the WTTC research shows that in the same year, the hospitality and tourism industry grew faster than the entire global economy – outperforming major world industries such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and financial services.

In a 2018 interview, WTTC President & CEO Gloria Guevara noted that  “Travel ,Tourism & Hospitality creates jobs, drives economic growth and helps build better societies. Our research shows that our sector was responsible for the creation of one in five of all jobs globally. In the last few years, Governments around the world are realizing the extraordinary benefits of tourism and I congratulate them for taking steps to maximize the potential of our sector.”

As consumer confidence continues to grow, so too does the willingness for entrepreneurs to step out and try their hands at hospitality ventures. The emergence of companies such as Airbnb and VRBO has also attributed to the accessibility of experiencing local living, and as air travel becomes more efficient, travelers are becoming more willing to cough up the cash for long-haul flights.

According to the WTTC, the Travel ,Tourism & Hospitality industry is expected to support more than 400 million jobs globally by 2048, equally nearly 1 in 9 of all jobs in the world. So how can you take advantage of this explosive opportunity in the travel and tourism world?

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